Paypal or credit card

Mail account

n° 14114292 issued to InterMed Onlus – Viale Venezia, 20 – 25123 Brescia.

Bank account

n° 2030 – ABI 5696 – CAB 11202 – at Banca Popolare of Sondrio, Ag n° 2, Via Solferino 61, Brescia.
IBAN IT56H0569611202000002030X88.

Bank not transferable cheque

issued to InterMed Onlus, to be sent in sealed envelope to InterMed Onlus – Viale Venezia, 20 – 25123 Brescia.

Bequests and legacies: all gifts issued to InterMed are tax free

Tax benefits

InterMed is a non-profit organization.
It is consequently allowed to subtract 19 % of the sum given to InterMed up to the maximum of 2065,83 euros (art. 13 bis, paragraph 1 letter i-bis of D.p.r. 917/86).

Are you a company?

Direct gift

Your company direct gift can support one specific project.

Brand and product promotion

A “Co- Marketing” program can connect InterMed logo to your Company (to a line of products, a specific product, a service). Showing InterMed logo alongside your publicity will give evidence to your commitment in the field of social responsibility and will enhance the visibility of your products or services.

Sponsorizing events and publications

Your Company can sponsor one of the annual events (campaigns, shows, publications, lectures, seminaries) we promote in Italy and abroad, to optimize public relation initiatives
Here are some ways:
– sponsoring an event promoted and organized by InterMed
– devoting to InterMed the incomes achieved by autonomous events and programs
– sponsoring a publication issued and distributed by InterMed.

Permanent cooperation

Your Company can decide to start with InterMed a long-term cooperation for long-term results, in order to show customers our joint social commitment.

Staff involvement

“Pay-roll giving” means that employees and workers agree to give every month a small part of their salary (even few euros) through a simple withdraw form the pay-roll and that the Company commits itself to add the same amount.
The pay-roll giving is a steady help which allows InterMed to receive a steady flow of resources and to enhance its efforts.
The Company will be duly informed about InterMed activities in order to gratify the management and to stimulate personnel’s enthusiasm and pride.
This way of help can improve your internal communication programs with a small investment.
Such money gifts are tax-free, both for the staff and for the Company.
Another way of involvement can be to organize collections or fund-raisings among the staff.

Donations in kind

Your Company can give InterMed kinds or services such as paper, stationery, consulting services, vitamins, softwares, medicines and medical wares.

Annual gifting

Devoting to InterMed projects the budget for annual gifts means showing customers, suppliers, partners, staff and partners the image of a company socially responsible.
Giving one of the objects realized by InterMed (Christmas cards, calendars, t-shirts, books and CDs) add value to the plain wishes and to the annual gifts, which take the significance of a real help.

Online promotion

Please, contact us for having our banners, links or advising wares on your website, or for being included on ours.

Communication is important for your Company, it can be a resource for everybody.

People’s growing interest in non-profit activities can be an opportunity to improve the image of a company to customers, sensitive to social problems.
Investing in social projects means to actively participate to serious and transparent solidarity initiatives.
InterMed can develop proper social and health projects for unlucky people whose life quality can be really and directly improved.
InterMed acts directly and transparently.
All projects are absolutely non-profit.

Your help will have a double value: relieving people who live in desperate conditions and improving the image of your company.

A correct social marketing strategy can:
– improve image and reputation;
– show social responsibility to public;
– attract and satisfy customers’ social expectations
– create motivation and participation in the employees.