2009 – 2011

Construction of a chemical-clinical analysis lab in the hospital of Alti (Arù)

Country: Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Place: Arù, regione di Ituri
Sector: Health

Construction of “Stellina” lab, dedicated to Consuelo and Andrea

Country: Benin
Place: Zinvié
Sector: Health

Development of fishing in Nyalane community

Country: Mozambico
Place: Nyalane
Sector: Food and fisheries

Supply of the equipment for the operating room in Sévaré hospital

Country: Mali
Place: Mopti
Sector: Health

Ozone therapy clinics for treating skin ulcers and arthrisis

Country: Burkina Faso
Place: Dassasgo, Ouagadougou, Koupela
Sector: Health

Supply of ozone therapy equipment for treating skin ulcers and local health personnel training

Country: Pakistan
Place: Rawalpindi, Hyderabad
Sector: Health

Earthquake emergency: shipping of ozone therapy equipment to Foyer St. Camille hospital in Haiti

Country: Haiti
Place: Port au Prince
Sector: Emergency

Clinic for treating skin ulcers and rheumatic and articular pathologies in Konakro

Country: Costa d’Avorio
Place: Konakro
Sector: Health

Earthquake emergency in Abruzzo: support to patients affected by post-traumatic stress disorder

Country: Italia
Place: L’Aquila
Sector: Emergency

Construction of a textile center for women in difficulty in Haut Atlas

Country: Marocco
Place: Boulmaine, Haut Atlas
Sector: Social