InterMed Onlus at WHO: Geneva 2013

InterMed Onlus case report (“The use of ozone therapy in Buruli ulcer had an excellent outcome”) publication in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) had a great impact at WHO, which invited Dr. Antonella Bertolotti, Dr. Alma Izzo and Dr. M. L. Iabichella to explain the results of their research on ozone therapy bactericidal action against Mycobacterium Ulcerans.
This bacterium, transmitted by a water insect bite, causes very deep injuries, which affect muscles, tendons and bone tissue.
InterMed Onlus trial proved that in only 2 weeks of treatment the ozone leads to the complete disappearance of the bacterium. This was confirmed by a bio-molecular and histological analysis performed at the anatomic pathology department of the University of Brescia.

Link al BMJ Case report

Scientific research with Pasteur Institute of Abidjean in Ivory Coast.

InterMed Onlus held the first ozone therapy course for the doctors of Pasteur Institute and CHU (centre hospitalier universitaire), with the participation of Osvaldo Martelli, laboratory technician, and Dr. Alma Izzo.
This course, organized at the medical centre of St. Camille Daughters in Kokumbo, was very successful.
The cooperation with Pasteur Institute is still on-going for histological and molecular studies on the Mycobacterium causing Buruli Ulcer.