Construction of a well in Ziniarè, where the health centre of St. Camille Daughters will be built

Country: Burkina Faso
Place: Ziniarè
Sector: Health

Movie about women’s conditions in Pakistan

Country: Pakistan
Place: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore
Sector: Social

Poultry farming and fodder cultivation in Dassasgo

Country: Burkina Faso
Place: Ouagadougou
Sector: Agri-food

Animal production and support to poultry farming, construction of henhouse and installation of two incubators

Country: Costa d’Avorio
Place: Sobborghi di Abidjan
Sector: Agri-food

Development of the health centre of Touloum and construction of a test lab

Country: Camerun
Place: Touloum
Sector: Health

Development of the lab at “Luigi Tezza” medical center

Country: Costa d’Avorio
Place: Toumodi-Kokumbo
Sector: Health

Development of the center for treating skin ulcers at the dispensary in Zinviè

Country: Benin
Place: Zinvié
Sector: Health

Supply of two ozone therapy equipment in Syria for treating war injuries and Leishmaniasis

Country: Siria
Place: Bab el Salam, campo profughi
Sector: Emergency

Construction of an ozone therapy center for treating Buruli Ulcer

Country: Costa d’Avorio
Place: Kokumbo
Sector: Health

Construction of a daycenter for old people and children in difficulty

Country: Senegal
Place: Dakar
Sector: Socio-Health

Support to an ozone therapy clinic for treating skin ulcers and arthritis

Country: Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Place: Ariwara
Sector: Health